GOSPEL READING: John 21:1-14

SERMON BY: Fr. Stephen Omondi


• We are on what we call Easter Friday.

• The Gospel is mainly to emphasize the “Reality of the Resurrection.”

• On Easter Sunday we saw that the first evidence of the Resurrection was the empty tomb.

• After that the Gospel show instances when Jesus appears to the disciples.

• Notice also the risen Christ had a real body which still bore the marks of the nails and the spear thrust in his side. John 20:20 describes Jesus showing the disciples his hands and his side.

• In today’s story, three things stand out:

1. He pointed out the shoal of fish

2. He kindled a charcoal fire

3. He cooked a meal and shared it out.

• My dear brothers and Sisters Jesus is truly risen and he evidence at hand is what is called in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt.

• For the authorities they bribed the soldiers to say while we were asleep the disciples came and took his body.

• Now those pose some difficulties because how can you be asleep and give a testimony of what happened when you were asleep. THE SECOND MEANING OF TODAY’S GOSPEL IS IN THE SIGNIFICANCE OF WHAT HAPPENS.

• Peter says he is going fishing. Did this mean that the story is over? He is returning to his former trade. It is possible that every preacher might at one time or another find emptiness in ministry especially when you face opposition or there is no cooperation from those you expect it from or maybe there is simply no appreciation of what you do. • It is possible but look they caught nothing.

• It provides an opportunity for a second calling. Remember the first calling in Luke 5. Even then they caught nothing that night.

• It also tells you that you cannot run away from the mission. Remember Jonah.

• Just like the first calling they are shown by Jesus where to cast their nets.

• The disciple whom Jesus loved says it is the Lord. This is the sharp eyes of love.

• Peter ties his fisherman’s tunic and runs to Jesus. The truth is that fishermen are not really naked when they are fishing. At least they have a loin cloth when they are at work. Ask me I come from the lakeside so I know.

• I love Peter always acting on first prompt. Walking on water, swearing he won’t leave Jesus even in death, cutting of the ear of the soldier and post resurrection running to the tomb. We need Peters in our church today otherwise we shall forever sit in the board meeting in endless discussions.

• They caught 153 big fish. According to Jerome at this time there were 153 different types of fish and so the every type of fish was in that net. The meaning therefore is that at some point all men of all nations will be gathered together to Jesus Christ.

• The net was not torn showing that when all men come into the church there will be room for them all and the church will be able to hold them in.

• Notice lastly that it was Peter who dragged the net ashore John21:11. Now this prepares us for what is to happen next where Peter will be asked three times do you love me and be given the responsibility to lead the universal church. LESSON

1. It is in our ordinary day to day lives that Jesus comes to meet us.

2. Jesus prepared breakfast for them. It is in the little acts of kindness and the little attentions that we give to each other especially in the family that grows our affection for one another.

3. No one asks Jesus if it was he, why because in our lives of faith at times a miracle happens and you just say, “it was by God’s grace” that this or that happened.

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