1st Reading: Acts 2:14A, 36-41

Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 23: 1-3a, 3b4, 5, 6

2nd Reading: 1 Peter 2:20B-25

Alleluia: John 10:14

Gospel: John 10:1-10


1.We continue praying for David Chege’s full recovery.

2. We pray for the soul of Tecra Muigai Karanja. May she rest in eternal peace.

3. We offer thanksgiving intentions for Lena Nyambura and her niece Aila Nyambura who are celebrating their birthdays today.

4. We join Sheila Kamau who is also thanking God for his blessings to her.


1. We thank all of you who have followed this mass via YouTube. We invite you to subscribe at the bell on the bottom right of your screen. This way you will receive notifications for our Sunday live-stream masses and also our weekday sermons.

2. We thank you for your continued support to our COVID-19 Parish charity program. I am happy to announce that in the past week we attended to 124 families and Karinde Child Hope Children’s Home with 24 children and youth. This brings the total number of families we have provided with care hampers to 215 which translates to Ksh. 322,500/=. We thank you for your donations of cash or foodstuffs that have enabled us to achieve this. May God bless you abundantly. We intend to continue with the program as we are receiving many appeals. Kindly support the initiative through pay bill 4021151. A/C COVID-19 CHARITY. If you know a very desperate case kindly reach us through any of the SCC or Group moderators or drop the name to our charity office located in the Parish. Let’s avoid a story like the one on NTV of a mother boiling stones to make her children believe she is cooking food hoping they fall asleep while waiting.

3. It is with great joy that I officially announce that the work of building a new sanctuary here at Regina Caeli is progressing very well. This new week we hope to finish the putting up of the cross at the top of the Church’s roof. The 12 star structure on the roof is now complete and you can see it either from Ngong road or Langata road. We give glory to God. We had a client and consultants meeting and have agreed to progress with the works of putting up the staircases/steps and start the work of putting up the Church’s grotto and bell tower. The excavation works covers both structures and that’s why we are doing them together. These works together with the contractors pending certificate amounts to 15 million shillings of which we only have 2.5 million in our account as I speak now. I urge all Parishioners with pending pledges both in the elder’s initiative and the gratitude Sunday women’s initiative pay in whatever they can so that the project doesn’t halt. I pray when the government opens up the churches that the stairs will be in place and we can go into the Church with ease and admire the far we have come. For those who have completed their pledges kindly if you can, make new pledges. I want you to read Exodus 25. It was when the Israelites were in the desert that God asked them to build Him a sanctuary. They were without wealth but it was at that time God asked every one of them to give Gold, silver and bronze and even gave the design and specified for them the type of materials to be used.

4. I want to inform you that we have started working on a” Return to Church integration program.” This will be in four areas: Spiritual life, Health and Projects. If you are interested in joining either call or text me, we start the conversation.

5. On this Sunday of the Good Shepherd I urge you all to pray for us your shepherds. We want to still be the door and the gate that even at this time we may help you spiritually come close to God. Pray for our faith, health and resilience.

6. In this month of Our mother Mary let us pray for an end to this coronavirus. Especially that through her intercession a cure may be found. Pray the rosary as families dedicating also the Holy Catholic church, her leaders and even our Parish to the intercession of our Virgin Mother.

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