1st Reading: Acts 6:1-7

Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19

2nd Reading: 1 Peter 2:4-9

Alleluia: John 14:6

Gospel: John 14:1-12


1. CHARITY Today we are happy to announce that our parish coronavirus pandemic charity initiative has helped 273 families and one children’s home. We shall continue on with the program next Friday. We also have two Parishes from Western Kenya that are affected by floods so they have appealed to us for support and we shall attend to them this week.

We still appeal for more support to enable us accomplish our mission which is to offer assistance to all who call on our gates. Our pay bill is 4021151 ACCOUNT COVID-19 Anybody watching and has anyone in need to get in touch with our charity office on 0720 622 211 or give your name and phone number at our Parish gate or chiefs office. For Parishioners you can get in touch with your respective moderators.

2. PROJECT Am happy to announce that this week we shall be able to unveil the cross on top of the Church. We had a TAC and PPC executive zoom meeting and have resolved to do a few works before the Chinese contractor leaves. These works constitute the completion of Phase one of our project. We shall be able to communicate the correct figures and the particular works involved soon. We appeal to anyone with a pledge either on the Gratitude Sunday initiative run by the women or elder’s initiative run by men to pay in whatever they have so far. This will assist us pay at least the pending contractors certificate.

3. RETURN TO CHURCH RE-INTEGRATION PROGRAM As earlier communicated we intend to have a program for welcoming back our Parishioners the Parish when the government finally opens the Churches to Christians. We are putting up three committees: Spiritual/Liturgical committee- this is charged with organizing specific masses and a retreat to help Parishioners spiritually. They will be members of the proclaimers and liturgical team that was attending seminars before the churches were closed.

Health committee- to help us implement all the directives on sanitization, social distancing and any other directive that will still be in effect even when we return to Church. They will also provide speakers to assist in mental health. This constitutes the current health team handling covid-19 charity program. Project team- This will help us continue managing our project especially the construction of our new sanctuary. They constitute the TAC and PPC. Any Christian is welcome to give an input or join any of these teams.

Visit our website to talk to us or use our Parish email or your SCC/Group moderator.

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