Inside Sh250m Regina Caeli Catholic church in Karen

Inside Sh250m Regina Caeli Catholic church in Karen

source: The Star

While plying Ngong road in Karen, you can’t help but notice a huge crown-shaped structure that serves as a place of worship for thousands of Roman Catholic faithful in the leafy suburb and its environs.

The newly constructed Regina Caeli Church is estimated to have cost parishioners and well-wishers a jaw-dropping Sh250 million.

The church was constructed due to the huge demand for space for congregants.

The old church could carry a maximum of 400 congregants. However,  the new Regina Caeli Church carries up to 2,000 people.

The Regina Caeli Parish Priest, Father Stephen Omondi said that the project involved a lot of sacrifice from leaders and Christians at Regina Caeli Parish.

“We stand proud today, elated by this great achievement and we are well aware of the cooperation of everyone who made this a success,” he said.

He added that everything is possible with God.

Cloud Painting at the ceiling of the church. Image: ENOS TECHE

The shape of the new sanctuary is in form of a crown with 12 stars all around it to remind Christians of the queenship of Mother Mary Regina Caeli ( Mary Queen of heaven).

The crown has yellow painted arcs on the walls around it, the shape represents the crown of Mary.

When you enter the sanctuary, the first thing to notice is the Jerusalem walls. It is a large wooden door above with a glass window containing the image of the Jerusalem wall.

It paints the greatness of God of the people of Israel and reminds Christians that the church provides walls to protect them from the adversities of the devil.

Archbishop Hubertus Van Megan Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan led in burning incest during the dedication of Regina Caeli Catholic Church on December 8.

Regina Caeli church has a cross both on the roof of the building and inside the church. It signifies the salvation of Christians through the death of Jesus on the cross.

There is a cross on the inner and outer crown and on the floor extending from the altar to the main door.

The altar has a massive crucifix on the Centre wall.

There is a five-foot-long statue of Joseph carrying baby Jesus at the altar, it is a representation of the father of Jesus, the father of faith.

The Statue of the blessed virgin Mary located at the altar is a symbol of sentinel grace to guard the heart of Christians.

There are 12 pillars inside the church that represents the 12 disciples of Jesus.

The church has three doors, one at the entrance and two on the right and left side of the church which represents the Holy Trinity.

The Mural of Mary Queen of Heaven at the Regina Caeli Catholic Church on December 8.

The Mural of Mary Queen of heaven is located on the right side of the altar. Near the wall of the adoration chapel is a place for private prayer and adoration.

The tabernacle, at the altar, is the home of the Holy Eucharist which reminds Christians of the presence of Christ in the mystery of the Eucharist.

To the left of the tabernacle lies a mural of the burning bush representing God’s miraculous energy.

The parish is named Regina Caeli (Queen of Heaven) in honour of Mother Mary.

The altar is made of a first-class relic of Mother Teresa for the sanctuary.

A relic is an object of significance that belongs to a saint with significance to the past.

The relic in the church honours the memories of Saint Mother Teresa.

The Tabernacle corner Image: ENOS TECHE

Architect James Kimani said that the final product was to depict the theme of the Church which is a crown of our Lady Queen of Heaven (Lady Caeli) was actualised.

Other facilities in the church include an adoration chapel, a mothers’ room, able to accommodate 25 mothers with infants and toddlers, a sacristy, four confession rooms, a chapel and a hall in the basement.

Others are ablution facilities, ample parking and offices.

Nairobi Archbishop Arnold Anyolo said that the Church is a symbol of God’s giving.

“The way we shall use the Church for the good of our lives and our salvation is how we shall say thank you to God,” he said.

He spoke during the church dedication on the Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Regina Caeli Catholic Church in Karen on Thursday.

The dedication was through the Holy Mass where Archbishop Hubertus Van Megan Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan anointed the Church.

Cardinal John Njue among other church leaders were present.

A mural painting depicting burning bush. Image: ENOS TECHE
Stained transparent colored glass formed into decorative mosaics and set into windows at the Regina Caeli Catholic Church.
Cross of Jesus Christ